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Eduardo Parada

Drums and Percussion


Eduardo's musical journey began back in 2007 as an eleven year old drum student here at Educators Music. Throughout his lessons, he successfully learned the key fundamentals of drumming which included technique, timing, spacing of notes, groove, dynamics and articulation, melody and flow. As a teenager Eduardo continued his study of music at Cape Coral High School by joining multiple music programs, including the popular jazz and rock bands as well as being an accompanist for the choir, theatre and guitar programs. Eduardo maintained his passion for performing after graduating high school by creating many musical projects. He performs regularly with his band or duo and continues to expand his overall musical knowledge through his independent studies. He strives to inspire his students and sees an opportunity to connect with each student by supporting the music they love. Eduardo is fluent in multiple styles of music, so whether you like rock, funk, jazz, reggae, or metal he can help you achieve your goals for learning your favorite genre of music. 

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